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How can we help your Finance Team?

Whether you’re looking to close off the monthly income statements or see an up-to-the-minute MRR report, Billforward will save you time and let you focus your efforts where they have the most impact, such as reducing churn or maximizing uptake of your service.

Billforward has a whole range of features to help finance professionals save time on manual tasks and get immediate insights into their businesses.
  • Generate invoices accurately and quickly with minimal work every month
  • Take advantage of Billforward’s out-of-the-box integrations with finance packages, CRMs, analytics, and tax systems to sync the data across the whole business – no more data re-entering! 
  • Pull in customer usage data and calculate charges automatically, with no additional work needed;
  • Selection of intuitive reports to cover all key metrics of your business;
  • Export to xls or view on-screen to see a snapshot of activity;
  • Includes invoices, payments, accounts, deferred revenue, refunds, sales and partner commissions, and shipping addresses;
  • Native integration with Chartmogul gives you the option for further analytics and charting;
  • Billforward supports multiple entities – for subsidiaries, regional offices – or brands you just want to keep separate;
  • Stay compliant with GAAP, IFRS, and ASC 606 by recognizing earned and deferred revenue without having to keep manual spreadsheets outside of the application;
  • Generate revenue waterfalls showing forecasted earned vs deferred revenue over time;
  • Calculate deferred revenue on a daily, monthly, or annual basis;
  • Filter out set up charges and other non-recurring elements from your reports;
  • Recognize revenue on a subscription or invoices basis;
  • Export as a csv pivot table to make further analysis easy;
  • Unmatched flexibility means you can tailor you plans to your customers’ exact needs to reduce “subscription fatigue”;
  • Easily add usage-based components into your plans or make a hybrid subscription/pay as you go plan to give customers more choices;
  • Billforward’s “Smart dunning” features allow you to set up subscription event notifications (such as card expiration or contract renewals coming up) and to apply detailed rules about card retries to minimize involuntary churn;
  • Billforward is “gateway agnostic” and has native integrations with 30+ global payment gateways;
  • Operate across the globe – using the best gateway for each of the regions you are selling in;
  • Billforward’s “Card Compare” service gives you a free way of comparing different card processors to get the best rate;
  • Add an additional backup card processors, in case you have an outage with your primary one;
  • Smart payment routing allows you to reduce cost by routing different types of payments through different processors;
  • Billforward also supports offline and non-card payments such as ACH and Direct Debit;

Billing is complex. Billforward lets you
take it in your stride.

Subscription Management

Subscription management that elegantly handles the simplest to the most complex pricing strategies.

Recuring Billing and Invoicing

Optimize customer relationships with powerful features to handle billing and invoicing.

Quotes and Contracts

Quotes and Contracts made to make the lives of your Sales Team a little bit easier.

Payment Gateways

Billforward is payment gateway agnostic and can integrate yours out of the box.


Billforward works closely with our partners to provide you with the best solutions.

Reporting & Analytics

Let us help you with your invoicing, analytics, and revenue recognition.

Affiliate Marketplace

Leverage reseller network. Grow partnerships and gain additional revenue.

Accounting and Taxes

Accounting integrations made simple. Taxes can be tricky, but your billing platform shouldn’t be.


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