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Tax compliance done right.

Taxes are complicated. Staying tax compliant shouldn't be!

Effortlessly stay on top of domestic, local, and international taxes. Whether you are selling in the US, EU, or internationally, Avalara makes sales tax a breeze.

What is Avalara?

Avalara helps businesses of all sizes get tax compliance right. In partnership with leading ERP, accounting, ecommerce, and other financial management system providers, Avalara delivers cloud- based compliance solutions for various transaction taxes, including sales and use, VAT, excise, communications, and other indirect tax types.

Avalara offers a fantastic solution called AvaTax.

Sales tax is hard. There’s always the possibility of changing legislative regulations, new tax rules, or shifts in product taxability. And there’s a big financial risk for your business if you’re getting it wrong.

Let AvaTax calculate sales tax for every one of your business transactions based on jurisdiction laws and rules, without bogging down your IT or finance teams.

Did you know that neighbors can have different tax rates?

Keep up with rate changes at every address

Sales and use tax rates are complex and vary across jurisdictions, counties, states, and countries. AvaTax assesses rates based on geolocation, not ZIP code, so your customers are charged the right rates for their purchases. Plus, you get address validation for improved accuracy in invoices.

Not all products are taxed equally

Some jurisdictions have special rates for items based on materials, price point, function, or other factors that aren’t immediately obvious. AvaTax calculates the right rate for a variety of circumstances, including product-specific tax rates, sales tax holidays, shipping and handling rules, and more.

Take the mystery out of where to file

AvaTax actively monitors your business activities and alerts you when you’re about to establish tax obligations in new places, based on their individual nexus laws. A map view lets you easily see where you currently have to file, as well as where you’re approaching new thresholds.

How can I benefit from AvaTax?

AvaTax will take care of your sales taxes domestically and internationally, in just a few clicks. You will never have to worry about figuring out state or local taxes. And if you take your business internationally, AvaTax has got it covered as well.

  • Automatic calculation of sales and use tax for transactions and invoices  –  Merchants can save not only time, but also effort by not having to manually calculate the tax that they owe. The reliable calculations provided by AvaTax removes the stress of what you owe, and allows you to focus your efforts on providing the best offerings for your customers.
  • Taxation changes in the 12,000 + US sales and tax jurisdictions are regularly updated by AvaTax-
    This means that you no longer need to look up the different sales tax rates.With automatic updates from AvaTax on your taxation responsibilities in the jurisdictions that you operate in, there are no discrepancies about what you owe. 
  • Full access to your AvaTax transaction history –
    Keeping track of what tax you’ve paid in the past, and why, can be important for your business. With 24/7 access to this information, your business can more readily prepare in the event of things such as audits.
  • Easy preparation for returns filing –
    When preparing your returns for the filing period you can easily extract transaction data from AvaTax, so that filing is a seamless process. 

With your Billforward account an AvaTax connection is prebuilt – Billforward can send transaction data to AvaTax on behalf of your business to create a flawless send-and-receive information method. Once put through their automated taxation software, AvaTax sends back the total tax owed.

How can AvaTax help businesses outside of the US?

AvaTax works equally as well for companies based in the EU, United Kingdom, South America, India, or Asia-welcome to borderless commerce! 

AvaTax can be used by your business, no matter where you’re based. As AvaTax stays up to date with legislation changes across the globe, taxation assistance is accessible for any country you might operate or be based in.

If your business is US based, Avalara can take care of calculating sales tax by state , as well as federal taxes that you owe from domestic sales. 

If your business is not US based, AvaTax generates the amount that you owe according to the taxation legislation of your base country.

Whether US based or based elsewhere, AvaTax also keeps you tax compliant when operating internationally by automatically generating the different amount of tax you owe in each country that your business operates in.

How difficult is it to get started with AvaTax?

Getting started couldn’t be any easier! You can get up and running with AvaTax and Billforward as quickly as today.

Configuring AvaTax generally has low tech-demand. 

The set- up process typically includes:

  • Forming and allocating tax schedules to your customers
  • Choosing calculation settings for differing taxation types
  • Applying taxability details to your business’ products
  • Setting up tax exemption rules and managing tax-exempt customers
  • Locating where to collect sales tax, and governing nexus settings

To find out more about how to use AvaTax with your Billforward account, click here.

How does Billforward x AvaTax integration work?

Billforward x AvaTax integration will take care of all of your billing and taxes (both for subscriptions and one-off purchases), so selling your products and services is headache-free.

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Getting started couldn’t be any easier! You can get up and running with AvaTax and Billforward as quickly as today.


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