Billforward x Square

Unmatched flexibility.

Don't let billing hold you

Accept payments any way you want – online or in-person. Support one off purchases
and recurring subscriptions alike.
The Billforward x Square integration is perfect for any business that would like to take advantage of recurring revenue or subscription business models, such as:
  • SMB’s offering recurring services – such as window cleaners, gardeners
  • Retailers (both offline and online) who want to offer product-as-a-service – eg coffee subscription
  • Any form of direct to consumer subscription offering i.e baby food, pet food, etc
  • Software-as-a-service – B2B & B2C
  • Memberships – eg gym memberships where there is a fixed monthly fee + a usage element (e.g. tennis courts)
  • Rent
  • Magazine/Music subscriptions
  • Sports clubs
  • Utilities
  • Internet service providers and Telcos

Billforward x Square integration is the perfect choice for Square Merchants who would like to expand their subscriptions offering, as well as for Merchants who might not yet be Square customers, but would like to introduce a point-of-sale (POS) solution on top of their subscription offering.

With Billforward’s integration, Merchants can now set up custom recurring billing periods (minutes, hours, days, weeks, months), add one-off set up charges to their subscriptions and introduce usage and volume-based billing.

Square Merchants can now also sell globally outside of the geo-locations Square is currently present in and reduce churn and potentially lost revenue with Billforward Smart Dunning features.

Billforward integration can be used via Billforward’s shopfront solution (no technical skills required) or via headless API integration.

The Billforward x Square integration:

  • Links to your Square account to allow you to take recurring payments from your customers
  • Automates payments from your customers – either individuals or businesses – so that they always pay the right amount at the right time for your services
  • Supports free trials and special offers as well as pay-as-you-go and volume-based pricing for business customers
  • Rolls all usage and fees into a single monthly invoice – which can be branded with your logo
  • Allows you to generate and send ad hoc/ one-off invoices
  • Reduces your churn rates with Smart Dunning, which allows you to configure payment re-tries if card payments fail on the first attempt
  • Can be used for keeping track of all your customers details, history, and subscriptions
With Square, you’ll get your money in your bank account as soon as the next business day.
Square offers security you can trust at no extra cost. Square is the merchant of record for every transaction—taking on financial liability so you avoid compliance headaches. They deal with the bank for payment disputes, and they constantly monitor for suspicious activity.

Turn one-off sales into recurring
revenue streams

Billforward x Square integration allows you to add recurring subscription sales into your business model to improve your business’ bottom line.

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  • Quickbooks
  • Magento
  • Avalara