Take one-time payments with Flexcheck

Flexcheck caters for both subscriptions and one-time payments

In Billforward, a one-time payment is a subscription that lasts long enough to collect a single payment, then ends automatically.

Setting up the plan in Billforward

First, you need to set up a plan in Billforward to take the one-time payment. This plan will last for one billing period, and collect a single payment at the start of that billing period.

The plan should have these features:

  1. Fixed Term: Under Additional Options, select the Fixed Term checkbox and set the Periods to 1. This means the plan will end automatically after the 1 billing period.fixed term
  2. Invoice Lines: Add a single invoice line of type subscription. This will collect a payment at the start of the billing period. The pricing type is up to you: Flat, Volume, and Tiered will all work.invoice lines

Note that the Invoice every option makes no difference here, since only one invoice will be created. We recommend setting it to something short, like 1 minute.

If you add an invoice line of type Arrears or Usage, this will not be considered a one-time plan because an additional payment would be taken at the end of the billing period.

Make the plan available in Flexcheck

In Flexcheck, you can set-up the one-off payment by following these steps:

  1. Open Flexcheck by clicking Flexcheck in Billforward’s menu.
  2. Navigate to Plans in the left-hand menu.
  3. Click + Add Plan and choose the plan you created in Billforward.

You can add a description and customize the card as normal.

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