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Leveraging existing Salesforce types whilst extending their functionality allows BillForward to provide powerful Quote-to-Cash which is sympathetic to existing integrations or customizations.

Quote Flow

Thought it is possible to create subscriptions without going through the quote process it can often be useful to have a formalized quotation process with approval steps and audit of what was sent to the customer.

In this scenario it can be advantageous to use the BillForward integrated quote flow. Let’s talk through a typical Quote-to-Cash flow.

  1. Lead: This flow begins with the lead. This represents the initial touch point of a potential customer.
    • For example: BillForward may be interested in purchasing from a vendor.
  2. Opportunity: Once a salesperson has contact the customer and qualified them he may decided that this is an opportunity worth pursuing.
    • For example: after chatting to the sales team BillForward may be interested in an Enterprise product with Support.
  3. Quote: The salesperson may now build a customer quote for BillForward.
    • The first step would be to select the pricebook which has the products they want to sell.
      • For example: BillForward RatePlans are in the BillForward All price book.
    • Once the pricebook has been select the products are selected that a customer wants to purchase and then for each product the number of units they want to purchase, any discount and finally the price is calculated. The BillForward quick quote API is called to calculate these prices in real time.
      • For example: The enterprise plan comes with 100 users included and 20 units of support. The enterprise fee costs $800/month and the support $10,000. The Sales person decides applies a 20% discount to the support to sweeten the deal. Not bad!
  4. Converting Opportunity: The salesperson sends the quote to the customer and they sign off, a number of terms are tweaked, for example payment terms and the deal is done! The opportunity is closed won and now a subscription is created under and the customer is invoiced. Note: This process may be customized depending on business process.
    • For example: The opportunity is closed and BillForward gets billed an invoice for $8,9080!

Quote Flow – Process Flow

Key - Blue Boxes: Salesforce Native Types
      Green Borders: BillForward Types
      Black Borders: Process

Quote Flow – Process Example Flow




Step 2: Pricing


Step 3: Quote


Step 4: Converting Opportunity


Step 5: Subscription








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