Salesforce Overview

Note: This feature is only enabled for enterprise customers, please contact your account manager to get access.

The BillForward Salesforce integration provides a native application which can be customized to augment your quote-to-cash process.

BillForward for Salesforce consists of three parts:

  • Two-way Synchronization
  • Quotation
  • Billing Management


Salesforce data synchronization provides two-way sync between BillForward and Salesforce. Salesforce users have access to a full set of up-to-date billing information including:

  • Billing Accounts
  • Subscriptions
  • Invoices.

This allows the entire team to keep track of the latest billing data as it comes in. As the data types are based on native Salesforce types it is possible to use the full features of Salesforce including

  • Reports
  • Workflows
  • Triggers
  • Data access & Security


Quotes keeps your sales team on top of the sales-cycle. The BillForward Salesforce quote flow goes from lead to subscription and faciliates the entire Quote-to-Cash process. This includes pricing from BillForward rate-plans and invocing the customer.

Billing Management

BillForward has added core billing features natively into Salesforce. This allows your sales, billing or even support team to be able to live inside Salesforce and not need to interact with the BillForward UI unless so desired. Native pages support various billing flows such as changing rate-plan or taking offline payments.

Supported Salesforce Editions

Salesforce Unlimited, Enterprise, Developer, Sandbox.




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