QuickBooks Integration overview

Billforward x QuickBooks integration lets you seamlessly sync your customers’ subscriptions, invoices, and payments in one place. No more double entries between a subscription management platform and your QuickBooks finance package – all your accounting data is now in one place.

  • Billforward will automatically update customers’ QuickBooks’ records around:
      • Customer details
      • Invoices
      • Payments
  • Billforward generated invoices are immediately available inside QuickBooks;

The QuickBooks x Billforward integration supports historical sync on demand. At the click of a button, you can sync invoices that were issued before you connected Billforward to your QuickBooks account.

If an invoice is paid in QuickBooks, the matching invoice in Billforward will also be marked as paid. This will happen automatically but might take a moment. If you would rather not wait, there is also a button that allows you to sync those invoices immediately, on-demand.


There are sevaral configuration options when setting up the connection between Billforward and QuickBooks. These include Default Accounts and Tax Agency. You can also use Billforward Account metadata to decide whether to send information to QuickBooks on a per Account basis.

To send all data except some execptions, leave the “Skip sending to QuickBooks by default” box unchecked. You can then set a boolean metadata item to true on an account using the name skip_quickbooks.

To send only selected accounts, tick the “Skip sending to QuickBooks by default” box. You can then set the boolean metadata item to false on an account using the name skip_quickbooks in order to have that account sent.

Video overview

Here you can view a short video running you through the basic flows of the Billforward x QuickBooks integration:

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