How can I set up Billforward x HubSpot?

Follow these simple steps to embed Billforward functionality into HubSpot as well as synchronizing data between the two


First, you need to have a HubSpot account set up and working – the free version will work with most Billforward features but in order to create custom reports you will need a Professional subscription and to synchronize data from HubSpot into Billforward you will require an Enterprise subscription. This only applies to data edited inside HubSpot, the Billforward edit buttons will still synchronize correctly with the free version.

Secondly, you need to have a Billforward organization set up and working using the Growth or Enterprise subscription – the Start-up option does not support HubSpot integration.

Setup steps

Once the pre-requisites above are ready, you can simply visit the “Setup” section of Billforward and click on “HubSpot” under the “Integrations” section and click on the “Connect” button. This will take you to HubSpot where you can select the account you wish to use (if you have more than one) and click to approve the sharing of data between the two systems.

Once this is done, Billforward will automatically create cards which appear on the right hand side of the Deal and Contact pages. By default they will appear at the bottom as shown in the screenshot below, but you can drag to re-order them.

Billforward at the bottom of the cards list in HubSpot

Can it work in Safari?

By default, Safari will block tracking of users between websites. This means that Billforward embedded into HubSpot cannot store any information about the user – as a result, we cannot log you in. You can solve this by disabling the setting called “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking” while you’re using HubSpot with Billforward. Both HubSpot and Billforward work fine separately with this setting switched on.

Here is an example of the required setting on an iPad – similar settings are required on MacOS or iPhone.

Settings for HubSpot with Billforward on Safari


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