Getting started with AvaTax

How to set up your Billforward account with Avalara

How to set up your Billforward instance with AvaTax

  1. Create an account for your own business under Accounts. You have to have a Billforward Account for your own company – that’s because AvaTax needs data about the seller’s address.
  2. Make sure your account has the correct address associated
  3. Get the ID of the address you wish to use as the origin with AvaTax (this is in the URL when you edit the address and starts with ADD-)
  4. Use Settings->License and API keys in Avalara to find your Account Number and License Key
  5. Go to Setup->AvaTax in Billforward
    1. Enter your Account Number and License Key
    2. Enter the origin address ID
    3. Select the settings that work for your business
    4. Verify the connection and then update
  6. Set up your plans including the Tax Code relevant for the things you’re selling
    You can find codes here.
  7. Ensure that you have a customer account with an addresses associated
  8. Create a subscription and see the tax populated on the Quantity page
  9. See the invoice created in AvaTax. This will be voided in AvaTax if it is voided or refunded in Billforward


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