Create a direct link to a plan in Flexcheck

Instead of linking to your storefront, you can link customers to a specific plan that is available from your storefront.

Step 1: Find the plan ID
Navigate to the plan you want to link to in the Billforward app. Look in the URL of the page (at the top of your browser) to find the full ID of the plan. It will be a string of letters and numbers, starting with “PRP”.
Screenshot 2021-02-17 at 12.59.03-1
Step 2: Add the plan ID to the end of your storefront URL
Find the URL of your storefront on your Flexcheck Settings page. For example:



to the end of your URL, then paste your plan ID after the = sign. Your final URL should look something like this:


Now, whenever a user follows the link, the plan will be automatically selected and Flexcheck will move the user on to the next stage of the checkout process.
If you have the “Allow Cart Checkout” option enabled in your Flexcheck settings, the plan will be added to the user’s cart, but Flexcheck will stay on the storefront page to allow them to select additional products.

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