Aggregation Overview

Aggregation allows you to sell multiple subscriptions and invoice them together as though they were a single subscription. You can even apply volume discounts across the subscriptions.


Aggregation of multiple subscriptions is performed at the account level. Thus either all subscriptions associated with an account are aggregated or none are.

The aggregation of subscriptions is modeled as a hierarchy:


The life-cycle of the Aggregating Subscription is handled by BillForward automatically. As such the aggregating subscription is never created explicitly.

For example:
You sell 1 premium plan at $10.00/month and 1 business plan at $100.00/month.

After setting up aggregation you create and start the above 2 subscriptions.

The aggregating subscription is automatically created. Any invoices created from the premium and business plans are aggregated into a single invoice.

Every month the aggregating subscription produces an invoice worth $110.00.

Premium Plan: $10.00/month
Business Plan: $100.00/month
Aggregated: $110.00/month





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